Xtreme Tree Shark & Wedam Enterprises LLC
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Clearing for View-scaping & Underbrush

You’ll be amazed how fast we can thoroughly or selectively transform your lot or acreage by enhancing the view from your house, cabin, or any location!

Our excavator mounted mulching head can quickly mulch large trees and undesirable vegetation into a rich and attractive layer. Turning unusable woodlots into beautiful glades and shady gathering areas. We have the ability to eliminate vegetation based on the customers specific plan. Enhance the view from your desired location (house, cabin, or any location)! Let us make that site you’ve always dreamed about a reality.

Clearing and Removing Services:

•Able to clear whole trees and/or just the limbs
•Mulch trees and/or haul the logs away (pending the project scope)
•Clear whole lots or selective trees within a lot
•No project too big or small

Advantages of Our Services:

•Clear specific branches at higher heights than a ladder with increased safety
•No clean up, no piles to burn or look at
•Little ground disturbance and the mulch returns nutrients the the topsoil
•We can be the difference between your property staying on the market or selling with our underbrush services
•Increased property integrity and market value