Xtreme Tree Shark & Wedam Enterprises LLC
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We’ll chip your none profitable trees with out damaging your next sale!

With our Excavator mounted mulching head, we can mulch the whole unwanted tree that  you have on your farm with ease.  All that will remain is mulch that will return the nutrients to the next crop.  We can mulch Christmas trees with ease.

Clearing Services

  • We can mulch the trees that have out grown their marketable size, trees that have died off or trees with disease
  • We can clear out all trees to start fresh or just select trees based on a project plan
  • We can chip the whole (branches included) or just the main trunk leaving the easy clearing for you
  • No tree to big or project to small
  • Mulch the stump within 1″ of the ground (ready to plant)

Advantages we can provide

  • There are no piles or debris to haul or burn
  • Can cover a large amount of ground in small amount of time while maintaining a safe environment
  • Able to work anytime of the year so can avoid the busy time of year for your farm
  • A more eco-friendly method then cutting the trees down and hauling away