Xtreme Tree Shark & Wedam Enterprises LLC
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Revolutionary clearing service designed to make your budget go further

 Our Right of Way services are like none you’ve ever seen before!  Efficient, cost effective, and attractive (while increasing project safety).  We leave a highly attractive finish compared to other machine services offered today and we are not limited to the size of material we can handle.

Roadway and Utilities Services

  • Chip mature trees and small brush in one pass
  • De-limb or top tree with 25-30 foot reach, once on the ground we are able to chip the branches and tops
  • Reach 25 feet from the edge of the roadway
  • Offer full cleaning or just maintenance options
  • Follow-up chemical application(s) coming soon
  • Call for coverage rates

Advantages we can provide

  • No permitting required
  • Unheard of right of way coverage per hour – a significant cost reduction on your projects
  • End product more attractive (compared to other machine offered services)
  • Chip tree trunks up to 4 feet in diameter and bring them within 1 inch of the ground (able to mow over)
  • Minimal ground disturbance
  • Chips return nutrients to the ground
  • Chips retard re-growth
  • Save time, money, and workers comp claims