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Want minimal disturbance with a layer of erosion protection?

Big or Small we can chip it all –  Forestry mulching technology works well as a part of initial logging plan to streamline the mulching of remains as the logs are being harvested.

Clean up and clearing Services

  • Able to clear the logging path to ensure ease of access in and out for increased production
  • Can turn a pile of slash into spreadable mulch quickly and efficiently
  • Trees that are too small to log can be removed with no remains to maneuver around or deal with
  •  Chip stumps to the ground within 1“ –  no more tall or jagged stumps

Advantages we can provide

  • Mulching the leftover vegetation into the ground returns the nutrients to promote regrowth
  • Will also provide a layer of erosion protection while having no piles to burn and with little to no topsoil disturbance
  • Our method leaves your property with the option to either replant or transform into something else (crop land, pasture, etc.)