Xtreme Tree Shark & Wedam Enterprises LLC
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Need more yield and acres?

Our Agriculture Services provide a safe and efficient way for farmers to clean up and clear acreage to increase field yields and acre count. No reason to buy more land or paying more expensive rent when you already have acres that can be converted to profits.


•Fence and tree line de-limbing (full service drop & chip available)

•Full tree line removal (roots included) or just trim back the branches and brush

•Old pasture clearing or clean up (root grapple for quick removal of brush and small trees or larger equipment to remove mature trees)

•CRP clearing or clean up (root grapple for quick removal of brush and small trees or larger equipment to remove mature trees)
•Clean up (bury) rock piles and other unwanted structures on your farm

•Follow up chemical application coming soon

Advantages we can provide

  • Increase yields and acre count
  • One stop shop for all your cleaning and clearing needs with follow up chemical application(s)
  • Chip mature trees and brush in the same pass without disturbing the ground
  • No burning or windrows of tree and other vegetation
  • Chips return nutrients back to the soil
  • Save time, money and increase the integrity of your property

* LNFT Coverage Like Never Seen Before

*Reach 25-30 feet to de-limb or top mature trees

*Chip up to 4 foot in diameter standing tree trunk from the top down.