Land clearing means using equipment ranging from chain saws to large bulldozers, excavators, backhoes or other heavy machinery to remove obstacles like trees, bushes, rocks, uneven dirt and other debris from a parcel of land. 

No construction project, residential or commercial, is possible without preparing the territory first. Any construction crew needs to ensure that the land is cleared, and the site is prepared.

The tasks required land clearing depends on the condition of the land at the time of purchase. The cost to clear land per acre can vary a lot. The best way to have an idea of the cost it is to understand the intricacies of site preparation, as well as the variables involved. Land clearing costs depend on this 7 factors:

  1. The area that needs clearing. As mentioned above, many of the costs of land clearing are calculated by area rather than in a fixed price.
  2. Whether the parcel is flat, sloped, grassy, brushy, lightly wooded, heavily forested or a combination of these conditions.
  3. Local regulations and the total amount of land being cleared and accessibility.
  4. The need to Remove trees from your property or asbestos, or Keeping specific trees, which can become a cost factor if they require a new construction plan.
  5. The proximity of utilities. Longer distances will increase the costs of construction site preparation.
  6. Areas that flood easily or are prone to soil erosion will need extra care. Erosion control can include planting ground cover, compacting the area or consistently watering the ground until construction begins.
  7. Brush Removal. Clearing the land of plants, shrubs, and smaller-scale overgrowth

Clearing, grading, excavating, and preparing the land on your property is a complex process, which is why it is important to choose the right professionals. You could do it yourself if you are motivated enough but the high cost of equipment and expertise required should make it a backup option.

Any construction site needs a proper land clearing service. A good understanding of the process and costs involved can help you make the best possible decision for your project, and find professionals who will help you accomplish your goals.