Xtreme Tree Shark & Wedam Enterprises LLC
Mon-Sat: 7:00AM - 5:00PM


Professional results every time

Xtreme Tree Shark & Wedam is family owned and operated company established in 2011, that takes time to understand the customers' needs to provide high quality results. It's been proven that a family-owned business will consistently outperform almost every other type of business. Family-owned firms are more stable, have a longer time horizon and tend to have a high level of trust and commitment, both to employees and customers.


We pride ourselves on providing timely, high quality work that enables us to providing great value and strong customer service on every job. No job is complete until our customers are completely satisfied with their project and we enjoy seeing the expressions of our customers as they view their completed project for first time.

What you can expect

When you do business with Xtreme Tree Shark you can expect excellent service from trained, caring, and professional employees. Our #1 goal is understanding your project and apply our services that make your dream become a reality in an affordable, efficient process with extraordinary communication and customer service. All employees are trained to prioritize project safety and on top of that we are fulling insured to make sure you can enjoy experience of completing your project(s) with peace of mind.